Will do history for food/ keyboard

Here’s the thing. I need a new keyboard for the old Mac. The current one is kinda cruddy and it would be a simple task to ride on over to the Apple store in Arlington, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t been across the bridge to Virginia for what seems like a year. And thus, I have discovered this personal record of not going somewhere and would like to extend it to Thanksgiving (I may want to hit up Pentagon City for Christmas).
So what is this to you? Well if you live in Truxton Circle or one block off on the New Jersey side or the New York Avenue side, I will do an address history for you in exchange for a new keyboard. Since I have a lot of data related to the constantly dropped Census project and can hit 3 repositories for DC history on my way walking home, it would be a sort of easy for me. My qualifications? Seriously, if you need to know, is a MA in Early Modern European History from UMASS-Amherst and an MLS (grad degree in Library Science) from UMCP and over 10 years working in libraries and archives. So this is a deal.
But you’ll get what you exchange for, meaning I’ll give about 5-10 hours of work and no more than $10 worth of photocopies. Also no packaging, just raw data. I like to leave interpretation up to the user.
So, who wants to get me a keyboard?

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  1. Amazon. Or macprices.org which tracks macprices every day at every authorized vendor (not sure if they do just accessories but possible). Also I *heard* you can put your keyboard in the dishwasher and it will still work, but have never tried it

  2. I could order one on-line, but I want to try this out. If I don't get any bites I'll go on Ebay or wander over to the Bethesda Apple store.
    It is a USB keyboard and so no.
    I actually enjoy researching, and enjoy finding out things about my neighborhood (hence the limited geographic area). I've done the odd search for friends for free (essentially pop down to the library on lunch break, do a ProQuest search, takes about 10-20 minutes), but I'm willing to do more for something I want. Currently, I want a new mac keyboard, and an iphone 3GS. Hell for an iphone I'll actually do packaging work and throw in more photocopies.

  3. Hey,
    I am pretty sure that I have a slightly used one at home. I will check when I get home from work today. I technically am not in your 'area of acceptance,' but we Eckingtonians are a friendly lot too. Oh and I'll give it to you for free.

  4. I saw an apple logo on the outside of the Howard University Book Store. Not sure what they have there but it may be an option.

  5. It looks like I'll be venturing to Bethesda, so thanks for the offers, but I'll probably upgrade on my own. I also need to stare at software packages and debate do I REALLY need Photoshop.
    I limited the geographic region for a logical reason that has to do with work already done. The enumeration districts overflow over to the other sides of NJ and NY Aves. So there is a 80% chance I have that data somewhere in my house (in a pile, under some crap) or I will be collecting it in the future. Areas above Florida/Boundary are a whole nother ball of wax, with street name and block changes due to 'suburban' development and it's more work than I want to be bothered with. Nothing personal, just logistical.

  6. It is a UBS, but it's a great Mac keyboard that I bought when my old one gave me issues. Depending on your make, I might also have (not the broken one) an old keyboard. Email me your stats, and I might be able to help you.

    inked of Frozen Tropics (logged in under another account).

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