Take the 70 or 79

First, my prayers are with the families and victims of those who lost their lives on the Red Line, and with those injured. Please keep all the riders of the Red Line in your thoughts or prayers as WMATA deals with this tragedy.

Now, how are you going to get to work tomorrow? There is the 70 bus. The long accordion bus that rides up 7th Street. You can take that to Silver Spring. You can also take the 79 Express bus, that also gets you to Silver Spring. You can catch both of them at the corner of 7th and Rhode Island at the Asbury Dwelling building.
Buses will be packed if WMATA has the tracks between Fort Totten and Takoma Park are shut down. It is possible they’ll have trains sharing a track, maybe not.
There is a bus the J2(?) that goes to Silver Spring from College Park Metro, which is on the Green Line. The the the C2(? Sorry I’m guessing the WMATA site is overloaded so I can’t check my bus info, I’m working from memory) that goes to Wheaton from College Park.
If anyone has any other info about buses that get to the north part of the Red Line?

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  1. I am so very glad to hear that you are ok. My first thought on hearing about a redline crash- and that side of the red line- was to worry about you.

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