Double Seat Taker

Double Seat Taker
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I normally hate to take pictures of strangers, and I tend not to be bold enough to take the pictures of people on the Metro doing wrong. Mainly because the Micky’D eating, crowding at the door with 2 giant suitcases standing folk do look around and I wouldn’t be able to snap a quick one.
Okay, in her defense the train wasn’t sardine crowded and there were a few seats on the end of the train. Also I’m not 100% sure that’s her bag. Possibly it is the bag of Ms. Flip Flop (see toes) or Ms. Flip Flop’s seat companion. Let’s say I’m 75% sure.
The other problem is that those are the reserved seats for folks with problems standing.
The purpose of taking this picture is to show the double seat taker.

5 thoughts on “Double Seat Taker”

  1. ohhhhhhhh, my pet peeve.
    You are very brave to take the picture. I've wanted to start a collection of photos of metro seat hogs for some time. My favorite is the guy who slouches in miss flip flop's seat and put their legs and feet on the handicap bench.


  2. A bit harsh I say. Should she scrunch in and put her bag underneath her person when there's plenty of space on the train?

    Should she be obligated to invite people to sit down next to her if she'd rather not have someone sitting next to her, if there's space?

    If it's a full train, then politely ask if you can sit there, and most people will move their bag.

    But this strikes me as a tad harsh for pet peeve status.

    Loud, obnoxious people, yah, I get that. Lady reading her book in peace, I don't see how that's so annoying?

  3. I've had to endure 2 weeks of riding a courtesy shuttle where people routinely plopped their bags and whatever next to them to discourage people from sitting next to them. It is passive aggressive.
    Yeah, reading a book or the paper is like, "La, la, la I don't see you looking at the seat and wanting it." I've had to deal with that attitude too often lately and since she probably didn't pay for two seats, I don't buy it.
    She's obligated not to hog space during rush hour. And I swear there was some Metro ad campaign against this sort of low level aggressive behavior.

  4. What you are observing is the "me first" mentality in action. While by no means is this mentality confined to the greater DC area, it does seem to flourish here. I see it every day.

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