Addition to Comment Policy

I’m going to delete comments, even legit comments if the user name has a link to some commerical thing like Florida Condos, or Online Poker or the like. I’ve noticed the comment spam has gotten better and the comment that sorta adds something to the conversation, is something I debate about deleting if the user link is an obvious ploy to sell gold on-line or other stupid stuff to game computer models in regarding the worth of a site.
Of course there is the policy of “it’s my blog and I’ll delete what I want.” I take no advertisements (not that I’m against it, it’s just not something I’ve pursued), I don’t get paid by anyone to do this, nor is the site, webspace etc is sponsored by anybody and is funded with my pocket-hobby funds (also sponsored by the hobby funds is the gardening). So this is just a courtesy post.

One thought on “Addition to Comment Policy”

  1. but wait, don't you want to trade your wedding band from your first marriage for more money than you ever thought possible?

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