UHOP parade May 23rd, you have been warned

Okay, I don’t want to get into an argument about religious or 1st amendment expression, I just want to warn some of y’all about an annual traffic nightmare/ fun parade. Depending on who you are, where you live, what you’re doing and if you actually need to get anywhere will determine how you feel about it. I live on the other side of New Jersey Ave and I take the subway, so I don’t care.
Anyway here’s some of the announcement:

The United House of Prayer for All People will be celebrating its, Annual Memorial Day Peace Parade, on Saturday May 23, 2009. This year the parade has a theme, which has been coined “Return”, adapted by our leader, Bishop C. M. Bailey.

Historically, the parade route travels passing through Vermont Avenue, however, this year, the parade route will travel down 13th Street, NW, from U. Street, NW. The actual parade route is:

6th Street – Florida Avenue – 13th Street – Logan Circle – P Street – 7th Street – back to United House of Prayer for All People, 601 M Street, NW

Because the parade route has been slightly changed, we want to provide notification to the Community and thus, sought to have this communicated to Advisory Neighborhood Commission, ANC, 2-F, so as to not inconvenience the community.

The parade, lotsa black people, groups of young men with brass instruments, and maybe drums, will be snaking through the middle of Shaw starting around 11AM and possibly finishing up around 3PM. Avoid Rhode Island Avenue, and any other cross streets through central Shaw, if you’re in a car. Now if you’re on a bike, just try not to hit anyone, you can probably ride through the gaps.
Every time I encounter the parade, there never seems to be anyone from the city (MPD, DDOT, etc) directing traffic on Rhode Island. Since the church is alerting the community with announcements, I wonder if that will change.

5 thoughts on “UHOP parade May 23rd, you have been warned”

  1. Although it could definitely use some tweaking to make it less disruptive of traffic/commerce/etc., I enjoy this parade and think it’s a neat tradition in Shaw.

  2. MPD reports that 70 police will be assigned. It really is a spectacle worth witnessing!

  3. Agreed. I love the parade. You just have to know to plan for it. –Jennifer

  4. I appreciate your rational response to the event. In Capitol Hill when there are street closures, people freak out when they become “TRAPPED IN THEIR HOMES” as if they are tethered to their cars.

    One ANC Commissioner exclaimed “we found ourselves literally held captive for hours” during the 2009 National Marathon.


  5. Oh come on Tom, My next door neighbor had to walk two miles to his job near the Marine barracks. He did not have a good time. A lot of people are inconvenienced so that a few can play in the street.

    Why is it that we can’t get a straight answer for the cost of police protection and other city services for the Marathon?


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