We had this problem before

Different street, different dog, but same problem and I can’t for the life of me remember how it was resolved.
This week a pit bull bolted out of a residence and attacked another dog on the street, as reported on the TruxtonCircle.org discussion board. I remember years ago (gawd I’m getting old) on another street nearby the same thing. A pit bull attacked Jolly, a very slow doting old beagle. The pit bull had attacked other dogs and there was much online chatter of what was to be done. The problem went away, but I can’t remember the process of resolving the problem. Anyone on R Street remember

2 thoughts on “We had this problem before”

  1. Dog owners have to be held responsible for the behavior of their dogs. There should be a criminal statute that covers this, though I don’t know if there is. If there were not a criminal statute and my dog was attacked I would file a civil suit against the owners of the attacking dog.

    Most dogs can be trained out of this type of behavior. If somebody cannot or will not train their dog properly then they have no business having the dog, especially in a densely populated area. There’s just no excuse for this b.s.

  2. This is far from the first time this has happend. my dog has been attacked by that dog 2x (once requiring medical attention) and is a big part of why she gets agressive with other dogs on leash now- and at least one other neighbor’s dog was attack by that dog. And the dog often gets out of the house both in the front and the back. I have often called animal control and the health department and talked with the owners hoping to prevent this from happening again…

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