Do Old Dogs Dream? Longview Art has a booksigning.

At the BACA meeting we learned that Metropolitan Baptist will be hanging out at the Armstrong School until their building in Largo is ready or two years.

Monday Feb. 9th there is a North Capital Street Cloverleaf Study Stakeholder meeting at the Przbyla Great Room A at Catholic U and Feb 7th there is the Community Presentation of the development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site from 10AM-12PM at 125 Michigan Ave NE. Though these items are north of the TC there is concern about traffic and sewage/water and its overflow into our area.

I have a petition regarding the track at Dunbar so when I get the energy, I will probably go around and collect signatures.

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  1. I recall the comment from Mr Amos that the church has signed a two year lease. No one asked or commented that the church would or would NOT be allowed to renew that lease. Keep in mind that these guests of Shaw might be with us for more than two years before they are able to move to their new home. -jon

  2. rr446- I thought they sold that property. But I’m not sure. All I know is that they were intending to go to Largo. My BFF’s church is still having sunday services at a PG Co. High School dispite that their cute church has been built. Something about the mechanicals being wonky and explody.

    Jon- One would hope that they’d be in their Largo church in two years or less. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next week or so. If not, I would think some heavy cop calling, and parking violator picture taking and posting is in order. The good we can take out of this experience is asking ourselves about development and throwing in an influx of visitors, be they restaurant patrons, new residents from a high density structure, or whathave you and figuring out could we absorb such numbers.

  3. oh nice. the community around Garrison School have been so patient with the out of town visitors parking everywhere including school property without permission or certificates of insurance. hope the got a great deal of dough for the property and it returns to the tax rolls. the developers will have the sense to include a parking strategy.


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