PSA- Shovel & de-ice your sidewalk

snowscene2It’s an ice rink out there. Anyway, the city, is not responsible for clearing, cleaning, or salting the sidewalks. Property owners are. The sidewalk and your front step belongs to the city when it suits it, however, when conditions demand upkeep, it’s your problem.
It is very slippery out there. So regardless of if you are an owner or a renter, make your steps and sidewalk less dangerous by clearing a small path. I can be done gently with a shovel and any kind of salt (table salt, kosher salt, ice melty stuff) If not for yourself, for the mailman or maillady.

One thought on “PSA- Shovel & de-ice your sidewalk”

  1. Yes! One of our staff said she ran out of rock salt (as I did last night too) — and she also said to use table salt! Never heard that one before

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