‘Cause apparently what little I heard from the DC cop wasn’t sounding all that sympathetic.
To the owners of the vehicles parked on the 400 block of R Street, next to the Africare lot, you have my sympathies. But living in the burbs won’t make you immune to knuckleheads smashing your windows. And to counter what I heard, just because we live in the city doesn’t mean we’re supposed to accept being victims of vandalism. My cousin who lives in the far reaches of Fairfax Co. told me that a whole block of tires were slashed in his subdivision. So the whiff of suggesting that moving to VA or MD is not a crime prevention suggestion.

2 thoughts on “Sympathies”

  1. What exactly happened? Was this yesterday morning/Wednesday night? Because I saw a couple of policeman floating around that block, looking at cars, as I was walking to the Metro.

  2. You are not immune from anything anywhere, but some things keep happening in one place and tend to be rareties in other places.

    When my friend had his bicycle stolen from his basement storage unit in Alexandria, the cops actually had the fingerprint guy (!!!) come out and dust the place and the cops took a very detailed report. His bike was eventually found after a few weeks and returned.

    In contrast, when my roomate’s bike was stolen (we live in Bloomingdales) we called it in several times and no cop ever showed up. Nothing.

    Not to mention 2 people have been shot and killed within 3 blocks of where I live in the last year. You want to guess how many people were shot and killed in ALL of Alexandria in the last year?

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