Inaugural Musings- HORDE THE TOILET PAPER!!!!

There was a little bit of chit chat before the BACA meeting got rolling. For my crappy notes on the meeting click here (after one year hiatus- and the username is thismeeting password- neverhappened).
Anyway, as you know streets are getting closed? One of the attendees mentioned how the Secret Service closed off some streets today without giving the District government much notice. 48 hours notice would have been nice. If the SS wants to close any other streets they’ll probably do the same with as much notice as they’ve given already (none). This has made the business community concerned. Specifically, the grocers, the restaurants, and the hotels. ‘Cause if the SS is going to be closing off streets downtown off willy-nilly during the week, not the day, the week or weeks before inauguration, how can you be sure you’re going to get deliveries?
Off handily he (the attendee with ties to DC businesses of concern) mentioned the idea some businesses have of bringing in extra freezers so they can stockpile supplies.
People you know the P Street Giant is going to run out of stuff and you know how close it is to the Convention Center, where one big aszed inaugural ball will be held. You all in Mt. Vernon Square, I pity you.
The suggestion was to treat inaugural weekend like a 4 day snow day. Stock up the weekend before and shelter in place. I’ve been slowly stocking up food and supplies (not because of the inauguration, but for other reasons), so I have enough TP to last me until the Second Coming. However, I’m running low on certain kinds of booze, also known as dangerous flammable liquids, so I may need to beef up those supplies.
Or I can just wander out to Maryland for stuff.

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  1. Good point about going shopping early. P St. Giant runs out of stuff if it’s Tuesday or it’s slightly cold outside or if it’s a bit rainy…you get my point. I’m afraid to think of what it’ll look like Inauguration Weekend.

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