How much is cable?

I haven’t paid for cable since I was in college in the late 80s. So honestly I have no idea how much basic cable is. So those of you with cable, how much is it? With all the taxes and sundry fees, what does it wind up being?

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  1. Too much. It’s comcastic. cable + internet was $120/mo when I had it, switched to verizon’s phone, internet, directtv and it is $90/month. If you don’t have cable lines already, comcast seems to do the worse of the two for installing. The neighbors cable lines are holding up a mulberry tree at the moment.

  2. Basic cable gets you broadcast stations plus a few others. You need the “Basic Plus” package if you want more than the over-the-air stations.

    I don’t know how much basic cable costs, but I’m paying $75 for “Basic Plus”; and I’m probably going to switch to verizon after reading Mike’s comment.

  3. For the first you, you get a deal. About $70 a month for digital cable and internet.

    It’s more than enough channels, but no BBC America- that is about $12 a month extra.

  4. I stopped using cable because they dropped channels without warning, and then you had to be home for the digital upgrades. I stayed home twice for a no show cable people, so I bought DirecTV and I haven’t looked back. I’ve had it for 10 years, and been extremely happy. It’s been up when storms knocked my next door neighbor’s cable out. The only down side is that you have to have a land phone line. The nice thing is that you can upgrade or down grade services by phone or online. I get something like 150 channels(including BBC), a sports package and local channels for $80 a month. I think that they have some special deals for new customers though

  5. Our condo assoc. has The Dish; we split the cost so it’s $15. a month for each for 400 stations. It works out nice and it’s better that cable imo.

    Vince Albini

  6. You can get fantastic recption OTA (off the air) a couple of ways. If you have the fancy screen, then the $35 antenna from Radio Shack will get you channels 4 through 20 locally (4 and 7 and 9 have some good extra channels, including 24 hour weather) just about perfectly. Move the antenna a bit for 26 and 32, or put two antennas (antennae?) together.

    If you just want to watch on your computer, Hauppage has a good unit for $150 on Amazon. Still need the Radio Schack antenna though. Has good scheduling features, for free.

    One of the problems with all of the new screens is that they don’t have output, so you can’t record directly. That’s circumventable for about $175, with no more monthly charges.

    Hal Davitt

  7. Just fyi, I don’t think the landline is a requirement anymore. I have a box and asked the tech about the phone line when he installed it and said the landline was no longer a requirement. I have one since it was part of the package, and need it for dsl, but don’t actually have a phone connected to it and it’s not connected to either directtv box.

  8. I have internet and when i plugged my tv into the thing the internet also plugs into, i magically had cable. this is the second house this has happened in. so i pay $42 a month for internet and i have free cable.

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