Locked out

It started about sometime after eleven-something last night, someone in the alley was calling up to someone. It happens occasionally, and it is the oddest thing where someone is looking for someone who used to live around here. They’ll go around back and yell at the house where they think their friends live. However, that wasn’t the case last night.
There was door banging. This was a few doors down, but I’m reminded of how small and close our houses are on this row when someone is doing some heavy knocking. When I wandered into the kitchen I could actually hear the name of the person being yelled and realized it was one of my neighbors knocking and yelling to his sister to let him back in.
My best guess, from living near them for so many years, is that the brother was more than likely on the back deck and had been out there when his sister locked up (or he locked up and forgot his key) and went to bed. It happens, I’ve locked out and have been locked out by roommates too. This is why I have a few people with keys to my house, to help on those occasions, and there have been several occasions, when I’ve been locked out of my own home.
The yelling and knocking went on for a good while, as he tried both the front and the back of the house. Yes, these houses are just so, and apparently no amount of insulation can block out the noise, so that I could tell, when he was trying the front of the house and the rear of the house. When I decided to get to bed, I poked my head out to ask him if he needed to use the phone. He said he had called but she wasn’t answering.