Hey Tree Rats

…despite what the Washington Post wrote about there being no acorns, there are are acorns on Rhode Island Avenue, between 7th and 6th Streets. I also could have sworn that my feet crushed some acorns elsewhere in the hood. So Shaw squirrels rejoice, you will still be able to continue your idiotic pursuits of climbing trees, half eating nuts and tossing them aside to dig up my beets and destroy them. Stupid tree rats.

4 thoughts on “Hey Tree Rats”

  1. My little patch of front yard is like love to the little fluckers. they bury what seems like thousands of acorns and then dig em up in the spring. the soil is..er…well aerated. while the fluffy tailed devils are indulging in their initial fall harvest, it literally and loudly rains acorns on the parked cars.

  2. I’ve seen plenty of acorns, but maybe they don’t have meat in them? As in the acorn didn’t get fertilized so there’s no fruit under the shell. I’ll have to stop to check one to see if it looks OK, but there appear to be plenty of squirrells in Shaw. I have two noisy skwurls upstairs too.

    When I got home from my vacation, there was another slug in my kitchen. That makes three now.

  3. I’ve seen a few acorns and a couple of squirrels; I’ve definitely have made the mistake of stepping in the gingko fruit at 7th and Rhode Island on my walk to and from the Metro. My shoes have been sitting outside for the last two days, waiting for the stink to dry up.

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