The Haitian Kids Are Back @ BFF

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Sorry for the downgrade in posts this week, but next month I should be my regular self.
Anyway, this weekend is the big old Bloomingdale Farmers Market shin dig with pulled pork, Haitian kids singing, and for added fun Uruguayan Candomble. If you were there last year you’ll remember how much fun it was. Sadly I might not make it as over in MVSQ I’m taking Jean-Claude LeLan’s cooking class, but you all go, and have fun.
Here’s the announcement:

HAITIAN INVASION at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market

This year Les Petits Chanteurs,” the Boys´ Choir of Holy Trinity Music School, Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, will perform a variety of Haitian tunes such as “Haiti Cherie,” “Choucoune,” and “Mamzelle Zizi” and sacred tunes by composers including Pitoni, Palestrina, and Mozart. But that’s not all we are proud to announce that there will be a second group performing this year.

Uruguayan Candomble
A local collective of drummers performing Uruguayan Candomble music will follow Les Petits Chanteurs. Afro-Uruguayan CandomblĂ© music has it’s roots in Brazil via Africa. The music is created by traditional drums and unique instruments like the afoxe a hand shaker is made made by covering a hollow gourd with a weblike string of beads, the beads rotated around the gourd to create a rhythmic percussive sound. This sound is spreading throughout South America and now is catching on here.

As if this was not enough……. We have imported BBQ Legend, Chef Kriston Capps from deep in the heart of Texas to be the master of this years free BBQ pork give-away. That’s right sample slow smoked BBQ pork from BFM own Truck Patch Farm for free!
This is East Coast Pig meeting Wild West Q and the results will be awesome. We plan to serve it Breadlines
outstanding rolls.
So, music, food and fun….. but wait there’s still more! Garner Farm’s doing a corn on the cob boil and give-a-way too! ALL Happening at the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market
Time: The BBQ line starts at 11:30, the concerts will start around noon.
When: Sunday Septetmber 14th
Where:Bloomingdale Farmers’ Market, 10-2
Location: First and R Street NW