KIPP Interested in JF Cook School

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According to Jim Berry’s Community Update:

At Monday’s civic association, Mr. Alexander Shawe, Director of Real Estate for KIPP , DC , is scheduled to make a presentation concerning his organization’s interest in establishing a charter school in the building that formerly housed the J.F. Cook Elementary School , near the intersection of North Capitol and P Streets, N.W. “According to their website, KIPP , DC is a network of high-performing, college-preparatory charter schools in Washington , D.C. , which serve the city’s under-resourced communities. Further, the website indicates that at KIPP , DC there are no shortcuts: outstanding educators, more time in school, a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, and a strong culture of achievement and support help (their) students make significant academic gains and continue to excel in high school and college.” For more details concerning their proposed plan for the J.F. Cook School building, I strongly encourage you to attend the BACA meeting on 9/8/2008. If you desire to know more about KIPP , DC in advance of the meeting, I suggest that you visit their website at

6 thoughts on “KIPP Interested in JF Cook School”

  1. too bad it isn’t market rate housing but it sure beats what happened to the bundy school.

  2. Great. Kids born in the neighborhood in 2015 might have viable options for schools when they reach the appropriate age.

  3. Better KIPP than a charter school specializing in children (and some parents) with learning or behavior issues. I speak from experience, as rowdy kids from all over the city, and Maryland (judging from auto tags) converge most week days at a school a 1/2 block from my house to create mayhem twice a day in the surrounding streets and alleys. Just don’t under estimate the amount of traffic,trash, and graffiti that will appear in your neighborhood. Fortunely, the loud talking, screaming horseplay only last about an hour each evening.


  4. how many schools do we need in this neighborhood? i mean, really. when i moved in five years ago, there were tons of families with kids on my block. at least half of them and maybe more have been replaced by adult-only households.


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