The windows of the Metro train have a wonderful reflective quality

This is a “it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want” post. This week I saw CCAG (Cute Commie A* Guy) on the metro. I have not seen for the longest because my commute changed and even with my old commute seeing him was more miss than hit. But there he was, opposite the door from me in all his hunky dweebie handsome Clark Kent glassy geekiness. OMG he’s so handsome I could barely look at him directly, lest my eyes be blinded.
Thank goodness the windows in the train reflected just enough to save my already damaged eyes.
I’m okay at a distance as not to be repelled by his free-market hatin’, pro-socialist, workers of the world unite ways. If only all the men I’m ideologically opposed to were that dreamy, what a beautiful world it would be.

*A is not for a-hole, but a neutral adjective that would too specifically describe him. Older friends will know about CCAG.