Two Shaw Area Blogs to Mention

BAANC Blog– That the Blagden Alley And (is that what the other A is for?) Naylor Court Blog. So get your announcements for the next BAA meeting here as well as other information around the BA/NC area.

And Bread for the City which has an office on 7th Street has a blog. From what I’ve read it is a group blog so keep note that the poster may not be the author. There are some Shaw topics, but most, so far deal with affordable housing. There are good reads, but there was at least one post that made my eyes roll. The latest post by Kate Perkins deserves a read because she talks about neighbors as neighbors and the limitations of mixed income projects. Well that’s how I read it, and I really like her humble tone.

My greatest danger is anything with a motor

Once again, I am nearly run down by a SUV. If I hadn’t read my paper I would have communicated to the driver of the SUV that I was much displeased by his nearly mowing me down by flinging my plastic wrapped newspaper at him. Instead I used my words. I had the right of way, he was making a right on to 7th, and the crossing sign had just lit up and was counting down when I stepped into the crosswalk of DEATH.

A week ago I was 10 seconds away from getting hit. At New Jersey Ave and R the light had just turned green for R, and I was still a ways on the sidewalk, and thought of running for it, but I was carrying something heavy and didn’t. If I had I might have been in the way of the sedan speeding north on New Jersey that didn’t seem to think that red light was meant for him. He did stop a few feet past the crosswalk to keep from hitting the car, travelling west on R, and the cyclist, also travelling on R.

Guns are the least of my worries when every other day I have to take care that I don’t get hit by some jackhole behind the wheel.