I’ve just called the po-po on your bad a$$ed chillun

Thank you other person who also reported the little heathen rock throwers. I’ll guess you may also be the adult who yelled at them, and they ignored you. Hopefully the the police will grab them, throw them in juvie and carefully examine their family home life. Seriously, I dislike the state invading the private life of the family, but with rights come responsibilities and somebody isn’t being responsible.
If these are the same little bastards that caused over $2000 worth of damage on my block earlier this month, and they are simply continuing on their reign of destruction, I have no sympathy for them. I’ve heard their mother isn’t particularly responsible, claiming that it couldn’t have been her babies that engaged in some other mischief on another block. Well right now they are elementary/middle school aged, and if they keep going on the same path, lady you’re going to be crying for your babies when they get carted off to prison or the funeral parlor. I mean it’s 9:30 PM, at night. Why aren’t your pint sized terrors at home?
Oh and to anyone on 3rd Street or Bates with a broken/ chipped/ cracked car window, it was the kids, not the crackheads.

4 thoughts on “I’ve just called the po-po on your bad a$$ed chillun”

  1. But Mari, I’m sure they are “good kids” (tongue in cheek).

    God, I can’t wait until school starts again.

  2. They would only be good if the standards for ‘good’ are low and don’t require much in the way of virtue.
    School will help, but then again, so would parental discipline.

  3. I broke more than my share of windows in my youth. At that age you just don’t understand the costs of repairs or the value of a window.

    That said, it sounds like it’s time for a spanking.

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