Fenty spotted at the Big Bear

Saturday I got a txt from TC Scott saying our Mayor Fenty was at the Big Bear. I had to wander over to see this. Anyway I race on over to the Bear. And lo, there he was out on the patio of the Bear, in the sun, being all bald and mayorly.

4 thoughts on “Fenty spotted at the Big Bear”

  1. I think that Sunday coffee is a very good mayoral activity.

    Actually this is DC. If it doesn’t include smoking crack, I think it is good activity.

    And I miss DC’s folks- the Chicago mayor for life is much scarier.

  2. I had a great encounter with Fenty when he walked in the door at Big Bear. He was walking over to the line and in passing we had an exchange that I’d expect to have with any other Big Bear patron. He looked at me, extended his hand and said, “hey, I’m Adrian”. We had a quick good chat about the latest scandal around the funding for the summer jobs program and he was really willing to talk about it. Then he went off and had a cup of coffee outside.

    I have to say, I’m sure Fenty is a great guy and does this kind of thing everywhere, but there was something about his attitude inside of Big Bear that kind of felt like he was just another hard working neighbor coming into get coffee and talk about making this city a better place. I’m good with that, really good with that. There’s still a lot of work to do though…good luck Adrian.

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