Catch last night’s ghetto bird?

Round about 10:30 last night I heard what sounded like kids setting off a couple of fireworks in the alley. I guess I was wrong because after hearing two sets of “fireworks” or a couple of a couple of loud pops, I hear a helicopter. Then later I hear the neighborhood kids carrying on. When I looked out they were dancing in the spotlight of the circling whirlybird. Kids are weird.
The helicopter made a couple of passes beaming down a strong light on our block. Then it went away. And the only sound left was the kids yakking in the street.

8 thoughts on “Catch last night’s ghetto bird?”

  1. There was one out the previous night as well. It seemed interested in the area around the Armstrong school. -Mike

  2. Come on Mari, after so many years in DC you can’t tell the difference between firecrackers and Gunshots!

  3. You’re expecting a level of expertise which I just don’t have. It sounded like it was coming from the alley and I was keeping a ear out for 10-12 year old mischief, so I immediately concluded that the lil’ bastards were setting off firecrackers.
    Besides each year I hear fewer guns going off. That or the shots are like background noise and it really doesn’t register.

  4. I love how Howard U. capitalized the word “Gunshots”.

    It is a proper noun in your culture, no?

  5. No, not quite a proper noun in my culture. I was just typing and accidentally capitalized a random word. But I do find your culture amusing. That is the culture of pretentious, lame *ss grammar correction on the internet. Why not adopt a real hobby like bird watching or better yet, since you like teaching, why don’t you spend your days in the classroom. Instead of being a harda** on the internet and doofus in real life you could be a English teacher. lol

    Mari, my comments were in jest, if you could not tell. This guy/gal has an obvious chip on his/her shoulder

    I can’t wait to move back to DC! I wish I lived near such interesting characters. But then again, I probably do!

  6. Okay kids if you’re going to make personal attacks, you gotta sign them. None of this Anonymous crap. And I might delete them anyway, depends on the mood.

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