Townhouses of Truxton

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I really don’t have much to blog about today as I am still recovering from the nasty cold that had me off of work for two days, couch bound and missing church this weekend.
If you haven’t noticed I’ve been adding to my Flickr set “Townhouses of Truxton” slowly but surely and it has been filling out quite nicely. I’ve got P-R Streets covered as well as Bates, 1st and 4th. I could stand to do more with Florida and New York Avenues and more of the Hanover (or any Hanover, I got no Hanover St) street area. My goal is to try to show the variety and similarity of the buildings from the late 20th Century Co-op that commands a nice chunk of upper Truxton to the early 20th Century mass produced investment housing (lest y’all start waxing romantic about Victorians), to the cramped 19th century Federals that by the Grace of G-d haven’t crumbled into dust.
There are over 120 photos in the set and I’ll add more as I get out early enough to take pictures when few people are milling about.
There are also pix of houses in the NE section of the TC. For most things I tend to cut Truxton off at North Cap, but for the fun of it, I’m adding the section that really isn’t in Eckington and has only a handful of houses.

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  1. Mari,

    Thanks for the pictures of our block – the blue and white one in the gallery has been undergoing a renovation over the past few months and looks great inside. I understand why you cropped the highlighted picture on the blog though – it’s our perpetual sinkhole that DCRA refuses to force the owners to do anything about. /Rob 200 block N Street

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