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Okay people, I’ve been getting a rash of Anonymous comments and they are ticking me off. Sometimes what the anons have to say is worthwhile, which is why it is unfortunate I have to delete them. Dang it people, claim what you write. I don’t need your full name. I’ll take initials, screen names, fake names, your 2nd cousin’s twice removed nickname, but give me something.
My comment rules are simple. No cussing and ID your posts. How friggin hard is that? Heck, I’ll take one initial, something.

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3 thoughts on “Sign your name”

  1. Sorry about not but if you wanted a fake name whats wrong with anonymous. I did not read about your rules (on anonymous commenters) but does it make a differnce. Do you need to know who wrote this or that. I don’t know who you are and really don’t care. It seems to me that you didn’t like what I said so you erased it. I’m just saying what needs to be said and if you took offense to it than sorry THE TRUTH HURTS.

  2. Kevin,
    Short- my blog, my rules.

    I’ve been running this blog since 2003 and in those years I’ve figured that my basic rules work best for this blog. At times I erase comments with no comment, sometimes I blot comments off with no evidence they were ever there, sometimes I wait until I can get into the posting and close off comments completely to delete all anon comments.
    There is a 80% chance that if you write something I disagree with AND you ID yourself AND not curse, it stays up. The 20% depends on if I’m in a pissy mood and how long the post is. Long rambling posts annoy me too.
    All I ask is that when you visit my blog and leave a comment you follow the house rules. Disagree with me on Historic preservation, civic groups, or the color of my house, but ID yourself and be minimally civil.

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