Bloomingdale Farmers Market not a given for next year

RED ALERT! According to the Eckington Listserv there is some opposition from residents of the little section of the 100 block of R St to the market so, it is not a given for next year. I can’t begin to describe the range of emotions I feel. This market is such a part of my week and a part of my life now. It’s where I run into my neighbors, it’s where I get my seasonal fruit and salad and eggs. The market make the Mari(e) happy, and my heart sinks at the idea of it not coming back in the Spring.
ANC commish Kris Hammond made the comment, “Naturally, residents adversely affected should be heeded; we should be open to alternatives that minimize the negatives.” So people of Bloomingdale and Truxton I know we have the brain power to think of solutions to affected resident’s parking woes. Please don’t let the market be a one hit wonder.

Correction: Not 200 Blk but 100 blk.