It’s the 1st Monday of the month so it must be BACA time

From Jim

Please be reminded that we will be meeting at Mount Sinai Baptist Church tonight from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. To follow-up on our public safety/hate crime discussion of last month, Ms. Brandi King Garcia, Ward Five Community Prosecutor from the United States Attorney’s Office, is coming to talk about their Nuisance Property Program. In addition, Mr. Alton Gadsen and Mr. Karl Millard are coming to talk about the Office of Unified Communications; specifically, how 911 and 311 calls are prioritized and dispatched to communities like ours. Ilyssa Parker, our neighbor and a member of the Board of Directors at the Perry School Community Service Center, will be given some time to talk about this valuable community resource. Further, and independently of her Perry School presentation, Ilyssa wants to share some information with us about the possible establishment of a dog park in the community.

Importantly, Officer Sean Babcock and Officer Danny McCullough will receive awards from the civic association in appreciation of their service to the community and, as usual, Alice Thompson (of the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services) and Ayanna Chase (of Council Member Harry Thomas, Jr.’s Office) will be permitted to share announcements relating to the work of their respective employers.

Hope to see you tonight!


Jim Berry
Bates Area Civic Association, Inc.


Blogger is acting up, here's an old map

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Okay for some odd reason Blogger is nit publishing something I put out earlier. So I’m hoping to kick it into gear by posting via Flickr. And I figure as opposed to posting an image that’s old, why not scan something new, put it up and let you enjoy. This is a scan of a photocopy I got from the MLK Washingtonia division from their tax assessment microfilm.

Stuff at the DC Archives

Okay there is a lot of history stuff from this weekend with the Washington Historical Conference and an email that went out regarding historic preservation that raised one of my eyebrows.
I was happy to stumble upon the DC Archives desk because the web presence of this part of the DC government is like nil. I had a researcher friend complain that he couldn’t find any information about hours, or contact info to save his life. It’s there, just not terribly easy to find like the Washingtonia collection or the Historical Society’s archive.
The DC Archives is at 1300 Naylor Court, NW (office 202 671 1105, fax 202 727 6076) and off the top of my head they have regular office hours. So they are right in Shaw, not too far from the Convention Center.
At the desk I got a list of the different series the archives has and here are a few highlights:

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs:
Building/Construction/ Alternation Permits & Plans (1949-1995)

Department of Public Works:
Plans of Demolished Buildings (1900-1979)

Department of Housing and Community Development
Redevelopment Land Agency Records (1965-1976)
Shaw & H Street Building Survey Forms (1968-1972)
14th Street & Downtown Survey Forms (1968-1974)
Organizational Records, includes annual reports, history, etc (1934-1987)

Not on the list but I think it was confirmed that the records for a department that condemned buildings may be at the archives as well. I’m very interested in those.