According to Channel 7 two employees of the Kennedy Rec Center were scared out of their wits at gunpoint by a gang of police at gunpoint in unmarked cars. I can totally believe that some cops were laughing, because of an incident I witnessed sometime ago at Union Station. Dudes, if you’re going to be insensitive jackasses, please go back to your car and be a stupid jerk there.
This story undermines trust. MPD (or whatever para-police force running round being stupid) needs to do some explaining.

One thought on “WTF?”

  1. I’ll say it again since my old comment got erased (NO NAME?). The officers in unmarked cars are just as worse as the hoodlums on the street. It is nothing new, they are just legalized gangs who do whatever it takes to mess with young black men. Is it that serious to jump out on somebody over alchol in your own yard, tell everyone to get on your knees with a shotgun cocked and pointed at you, no I don’t think so. They’ll come in your yard and search everything. They’ll ask for your ID then your [Social Sec.????] no regular officer does that. On top of that they ask you where you work and if you don’t tell’em they’ll take your money claiming its from drugs. You can file a report but nothing really happens. After they found nothing they will tell you to have a nice day like they didn’t just offend you after going in your pockets, threating to lock you up for alchol (in your own yard) if you don’t shut up about whats right and wrong. I can go on and on but I bet that if it was white people drinking in their yard the jumpout officers would have no problem.

    PS This happens like four times a week where there is no crime.

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