Gender and the corner

This is an observation, and I am weak on gender theory, but we’ve got guys on the corner. You know, the ones you’re calling 311 or 911 on for hanging on the corner. It’s males, men, boys, hanging on the corner. Where are the women? Home? At work? Any ideas?

8 thoughts on “Gender and the corner”

  1. Economic data would suggest that they are at work or in school. Black women now make more than black men and have higher education levels.

  2. Scottac’s probably right, although I’d add that since it seems a lot of these corner guys don’t actually live in Shaw anymore — they’re just coming here to stay at a relative’s or meet up with their friends/business associates — their sisters, girlfriends, female peers, etc are in the neighborhoods where they actually live.


  3. In third world countries it’s always the women doing all the work, and it’s always the men standing on the corner doin’ nothin’. I’ve seen it on my block, and I’ve seen it on the other side of the planet. I’m just sayin’.

    anon: the street corner boys are indeed still in Shaw.

  4. There are women hanging out in my alley, at least this is my assessment from observing apparent prostitution and finding condoms.

  5. jimbo- a woman’s work is never done. Yes, I got the same assessment from my African History prof. Women doing the farming, child rearing, water gathering, etc. Micro-loans are best given to women, rather than the male head.

    bogfrog- are you sure they are women? When I bother to bike from work, I sometimes go through the tranny hooker zone, where they are on the street. Alleys are a little different than streets. Well to me.

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