Corruption ain’t cute, even with a Hermes Scarf

I remember a couple conversations with some relocated New Orleans citizens who seemed to take a light hearted attitude regarding the corruption in their city/state. This was before the student activity fund and the tax office embezzlement news, and I state then as I say now, corruption will destroy the republic, so it ain’t cute.
For one, I already pay enough in taxes, why on earth would I agree to higher taxes when I believe it is not only supporting schools, housing, roads, and someone’s lunchtime shopping spree? There are many, many things that the government does that requires tax money but until there is a mass purging of the system I won’t trust it. Calls for more funding will ring hallow until the city cleans house.
I’m not calling on Fenty to do the cleaning, I’m calling on all agency heads, make it part of making city services more open and accessible to the people. Unfortunately it is part of the city culture to obscure itself in cries of low staffing, outdated systems that make clarity impossible, and general incompetence.

4 thoughts on “Corruption ain’t cute, even with a Hermes Scarf

  1. Fenty cannot handle cleaning out this corruption. Remember what Linda Cropp said during the campaign: Fenty stole money from old folks twice as a private lawyer.

  2. i say we brin IN SHAW into public office.


    you know you’d be good.

    not sure they have free access to proquest though….

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