Halloween recap

Well it got to a slow start. 5pm, nothing. 6pm, nothing. 7pm, kids on the block hover on one side of the street and costumed relatives driven in hover with them.
Sometime between 7:30pm and 8:10pm an impromptu costumed block party breaks out, with blond little tykes in too cute costumes(with parents), running up and down the sidewalk around with black princess fairies, as teens in Scream/Jason masks gossip and josh around, while semi-un-costumed adults of the whole diversity rainbow give out candy and flit back and forth across the street. Passing slowly by twice was a police cruiser, whose occupant added to the festive spirit by giving a ghoulish laugh over the car’s loudspeaker. A few Latino trick or treat families stumbled on to this scene and one woman giving out candy had her costumed kids take pictures with the passing kids.
My favorite costume was the bloody skateboarding doctor. A kid/young adult went house to house on his skateboard and he had a blood splattered lab coat, face shield/mask, and a stethoscope. A few others on my block got a kick out of his get up as well.
Then the uncostumed gang of teens started showing up, and that’s when I turned out the lights and walked a few doors over to crash the Halloween party for parents. It was breaking up when I called it quits a little before 9pm. When enough big slovenly teens start running around and the cute kid numbers are nil, it’s not fun anymore.

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  1. A very nice, detailed, description of someone wearing a Halloween costume! It is unfortunate that details about violent criminals tend to be safeguarded.

  2. Oh for the love of Pete, the description I got and published was YOUNG MALE. So be on the look out for young males, they’re dangerous. Or we can beat the corpse of the dead horse and throw in race and have an unproductive discussion. Young black male wearing plain white tee-shirts and jeans, is that helpful? Or just go back to my posting about this Summer’s Shaw fashion trend of wearing clothes so nondescript for the purpose of blending in.

  3. No trick or treaters on Halloween but I had two young ladies ring my doorbell tonight (Nov 1) asking for leftover Halloween candy! That was a new one on me!

  4. “Young black male wearing plain white tee-shirts and jeans, is that helpful? “

    Didn’t this person “grab” his victim “by the throat”? If so, then the point about a tee shirt is moot because facial features would have been evident.

    Well, you’re right; tyring to hold criminals accountable for their actions in DC is indeed like beating a dead horse. Your blog; I’ll drop the subject. Wait until the next detailed description of an assault is released – it will be the same story, and I won’t comment. Promise. But please don’t think that the deliberate lack of details is unimportant or that it goes unnoticed.


  5. Did you get the moms or dads asking for candy too?

    That had to be the weirdest thing for us this year: cutely dressed kid in costume with an extra bag that when she held it up we heard mom yell from the street, “don’t forget something for momma!”

    Seriously?! I resisted the urge to tell her to buzz off and remind her that Halloween is for the kiddies in front of her kids, but would have liked to.

    Had another woman burst through the crowd of kids with her own bag on the stoop and say, ‘trick or treat!’ I looked at her rather annoyed, and when I asked her what her costume was she said, ‘…just regular. You know…’

    No, I really don’t know… Why would you think its ok to trick or treat at the age of 40+? Sheesh.

  6. The bloody skateboarding doctor is a very nice young man in real life as well. He has two dogs he is raising and doing a great job with-my dogs love to play with them. All around a really nice kid!

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