Green Roof Subsidy

For those of you who own roofs larger than 3500 square feet, there is a grant available for a Green Roof.

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The Steering Committee of the 2007-2008 Green Roof Demonstration
Subsidy Program is happy to announce the release of the green roof
subsidy application on Thursday October 25th. DC Greenworks, a nonprofit
organization in Washington, DC works to support the growth of
green roofs throughout the metropolitan area, through education,
demonstration and green collar job training.
In July 2007, DC Greenworks received a grant from the District
Department of the Environment, Watershed Protection Program, to
provide subsidies of up to $ 3.00 a square foot to groups wishing to build
green roofs. The subsidy is available to owners or builders of institutional,
industrial, residential, or commercial property, as well as, affordable
Subsidies are available for:
• extensive and intensive green roof projects
• new roofs and retrofits
• buildings with a footprint of under 5000 square feet, and
• buildings with a footprint of over 5000 square feet and built prior to 1988.
Applications will be ranked on the following factors:
• adequacy of basic green roof design 15%
• educational value of the demonstration 20%
• storm water retention 15%
• location of property within the Combined Sewer Overflow Zone 20%
• geographic and building use diversity 15%
• size of projects with priority given to spaces larger then 3500 square feet
• retrofits 5%
For more information on green roofs and to download the application
please go to www.dcgreenworks. org or call (202) 518-6195. Help us
spread the green in DC.