The Washington Post finally gets it

Praise be to G-d, they lost the ‘neighborhood change’ template all the reporters keep reusing to describe places like Shaw and Bloomingdale. In today’s Post there is an article by DeNeen L. Brown “Change is Clear” in the Style section, page C1 about change in the Bloomingdale neighborhood centering around the image of Windows Cafe. The old template goes, setting black poor neighborhood, evil wealthy white people come in change things and displace the black people, tsk, tsk, tsk, and throw in the word ‘gentrification’ in a disparaging manner.
This article acknowledges that the changes have been made by both blacks and whites. Even better a black gay (okay I’m assuming gay) couple who restored a house are quoted. The whites in the story, have been in the hood for about 15 years, hard to call them newcomers. One of them, Scott Roberts, 52 year old SPF 10,000 guy, has some of the best quotes, which I may write about later. Really, those quotes are money, gems.
Good job all.

Happy Hour Fund Raiser

SolidarityDC is thrilled to be co-hosting the
Happy Hour to benefit the 7th Street Garden!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

6-9 PM


1214 18th St NW

(Connecticut & 18th St)

$10 donation at the door

plus great drink specials!

Live Music by Evan Bliss & the Welchers

The 7th Street Garden is a highly productive community food garden
wherein participants learn to grow, cook and market produce; the
garden’s produce is given to low-income Shaw residents. The garden
unites diverse communities through the provision of local food
production. Urban gardens not only directly alleviate food insecurity,
but also foster trust and camaraderie amongst program participants.
This relationship ultimately leads to the development of strong

Solidarity DC is a group committed to bringing the DC metropolitan
area’s progressive community together to have fun and achieve justice,
one Happy Hour at a time! We’re now in our second year! To learn more
about the event or Solidarity DC or to get email updates,

Andalu is giving us a wonderful deal by opening the bar early so we’ll
have it all to ourselves, as well as donating 100% of the cover and
proceeds from drink specials !!!

Michael Artz