We are the TC ’cause DC sez so

IMGoph reported on the Bloomingdale (for now) blog a new service that one can see what houses are private, tax exempt, etc on a nice little map. Well I went to look at the DC Citizen Atlas, saw a tax exempt (I think, as I can’t tell brown from red) property in that hood, and clicked on it I saw listed as the city neighborhood, TRUXTON CIRCLE.
Hopefully, that settles it. But then again it might have been settled prior to this, as I haven’t heard much against the name since Spring.

One thought on “We are the TC ’cause DC sez so”

  1. The problem is each agency (and orangization, even) in DC has different purposes and reasons for applying a name to an area, but there’s no set “law” to establish neighborhood boundaries and names in DC.

    So, people can call an area whatever they like; a neighborhood name is an organic, dynamic creature that evolves from history, culture, and experience… sounds oh so lovely and enlightened, no? ‘Course it doesn’t always work out that way.


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