Kesley Gardens

Today must be quote other people’s blogs day….
anyway over at ANC2C02 there is a post on how Kesley is to look in 2010 after being bulldozed and rebuilt. 2010… that’s 3 years.
I’m a little down on that prediction because, it’s not that I don’t want to see a change there, it’s just that at the place where they pay me, I’ve been working with files covering development in the city and it seems that large things take forever to get built, if they do. Looking at the pictures it sort of looks like a zoning variance may be requested because of the height. Joe Mamo (Mammo? Mambo?) over on Florida and North Cap has been trying to get that for a good while now. And there is something about underground parking, which raises questions about how stable are the houses on the other side of the alley when all this earth gets moved. Oh, and then there is the whole construction mess.
On the upside, when this all does get built and the market rate units get filled, there will be people who may be able to support the kind of retail, I and my neighbors would like to see.