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This weekend, possibly Friday, two women were shot on N. Cap and S walking their dogs. The suspect was a black male wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. When I read that the first thought that jumped into my head was that a lot of the neighborhood characters wear white t-shirts and jeans. Unmarked white tees. No logos. No distinguishable markings of any kind.
This got me to thinking about what are the white shirt/ blue jeaned young males wearing these days and the differences in the sea of white shirts. Sticking with the T-shirt, you have your low and high v-necks, scoop neck (but isn’t that more of a feminine style?), crew neck. I also know there are several ways to wear a tee, there is tight, slim, loose, and baggy. Baggy being if it were to be tucked in it would look ridiculous. Also some male styles that are slim there are shirts that are long, particularly tank tees. Then there are also ribbed t-shirts, but sometimes you have to get close to tell. Rarely seen, and thus not likely worn, are the muscle shirt and mock neck.
Then you have jeans. No acid washed. No flared pants. Rarely any tight fitting ones among the hang out on the sidewalks of Shaw crowd. I haven’t looked closely enough to spot if a certain style of jeans, like carpenter pants, is shunned or favored. The pants favored do fall in the relaxed and baggy, as they leave a lot of butt room. Apparently, regular fit will show if you got a saggy rear.
Since I’m not a guy, are there other details in causal men’s clothing that I missed? Also when white boys in striped polos and khakis become a usual description for perpetrators, I’ll take a closer look at them too. Just to be safe be be wary of the ones with popped collars.

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