Truxton Circle RE location

Between painting (if you haven’t seen me, it’s because I’ve been painting) I stopped to read the Sunday Post. Curious I wanted to see what houses were advertised for sale in the area, and how far Logan East is these days. Well to my surprise I spied a house advertized as “Truxton Circle/ Shaw /Eckington”. Two out of three isn’t bad. But it isn’t in Eckington. Eckington is the other side of Florida Avenue. This house is at 26 Hanover Pl. NW. Nope, Eckington several blocks over. And you can be in Shaw & Truxton Circle at the same time.

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  1. Truxton Circle is like Red China, it no longer exists. Perhaps that explains why nobody uses it.

  2. Please no anon comments.

    The physical circle doesn’t exist, yes. However, the name keeps getting resurrected and won’t die. Bawaahahaha.
    But the not using thing is wrong. The District of Columbia government has been using the name since 1983. There was a Truxton Circle Post Office in NE TC in the 60s and 70s, so that’s Federal Use and before that, the circle was the circle. Currently, I use it. A few other residents use it. And I am somebody.

  3. i use it too, and i believe i am somebody as well. (though i often just say “truxton”, like i say “logan” or “dupont” without the circle.)

  4. i use truxton, but then again, i live in swampoodle (what the area around union station used to be called). :o)

  5. He’s a tough question- at least it was for me- what neighborhood is the unit block of V ST NE in? I looked at a house there, and then tried to figure out which neighborhood claims it. No one claims it on Wikipedia, which usually has excellent DC neighborhood listings. I found one realtor that had it listed as LeDroit Park, but that’s very wrong, and Bloomingdale seems to end at North Capital.

  6. tom

    we use to call that are Clover Hill but i’m sure someone from real estate industry person will call it something else 🙂

  7. It might be Eckington. But past Rhode Island Ave and east of North Cap my neighborhood knowledge is crap.

  8. Clover Hill sounds nice. I’ll call it that, but I can’t find any references to that name being used, except for Clover Hill, Maryland! Thanks for the history, rr446!

  9. I use Truxton Cirle too, as do alot of my friends in Dupont and Logan. And last time I checked we were all somebodies.


  10. Tom:

    My sense (and that’s what these are–senses, don’t let anyone lecture to you otherwise) is that the area in near NE south of Rhode Island Avenue is Eckington and the area in near NE north of Rhode Island Avenue is Edgewood.

    But that’s a weird spot with a large cemetery and Rhode Island itself cutting that spot off from the rest of Edgewood. That’s close enough to Bloomingdale and close enough to Eckington to be associated with both of them.


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