Crime and spats

King Karl has reported that the most NW block of the TC has had another robbery this weekend, making it about 5 in the last month for that block. This is a problem, living on the edge of 5D, the getting ignored bit. I don’t know if more patrols would help as for 3 of the 5 (I don’t know what the other 2 were) the houses were entered from the rear. So it would not have been something a passing patrol car would have noticed from the street. Another thing was 2 of the houses, maybe three, had alarm systems. From what I know it seems that having a motion detector helps inspire intruders to vacate promptly.
And filed under ‘I’m not quite sure what to do with this information’ is a spat between neighbors. Not literal neighbors, but people who live in close enough proximity to give the other nasty looks on a regular basis. The problem for me is I know both and a possible 3rd party, and I consider them all to be very nice people. Neighbor A accuses Neighbor B of committing a very bad neighborhood sin (I’m not going to say what it is lest I attract the attention of Neighbor L who gets all worked up about these things) via possible Neighbor C. A confronted B about the thing C was doing on behalf of B. B dismissed A who is now pissed and telling the story. The event seems a little out of character, but completely possible*, for B. So it is another set of people who need to stay away from each other.
I remember surprising someone on the topic of old timers vs newcomers that old timers can have longstanding neighborhood feuds with other old timers. Wrongs that were committed way back when that have never been forgiven or things that were started and just snowballed from there. Newcommers, the same, just the start date is more recent. And sometimes, newcommers can join the old vs old spat and visa versa.
This whole thing just ruined what I was planning on posting, inspired by my priest’s sermon on ‘who is your neighbor’. He said a neighborhood does not make love, love makes a neighborhood. Maybe spats do too, but I’d like less of them, cause I really can’t remember who all can’t be in a room together.

*All things are possible. It is possible that you may find me running down the street 1/2 naked chasing someone with a kitchen knife, unlikely, out of character, but possible.

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  1. Speaking of crime . . Yesterday a roughly 6:30pm I saw the group of people (5-6) who hang out a 446 Q street, have a really great time as they hot wired a bronze Jeep (parked on the West Side of 5th Street just north of the corner of 5th and R) with Virgina tags and drove it around a breakneck speeds.

    Upon walking home, I noticed that the thiefs were taking a break from their “grand theft auto” game in the vacant lot on Richardson as they switched out drivers.

    Called the police to report it, couldn’t get the tags. The thiefs had no problems being witnessed by 3 other people.


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