Renovation 2007: Next station, Broke

I’m now officially broke.
This Summer I get to save up money for the plumber to put the radiators in. I should be able to rustle up the $2000 needed to do so by October. I’m not even going to think about what’s left of the SpacePak till I can stabilize my financial situation. The carpet, I might be able to scrounge up something for that. And I think I will still end up owing my contractor money.
Yup. Broke. Brokie-broke-broke-broke.

One thought on “Renovation 2007: Next station, Broke”

  1. don’t worry. life has a funny way of compensating those that renovate housing in dc. :o)

    every person i know that has renovated has gone through the same thing as you. they go broke before they’re done.

    BUT, something always works out for them, just like it will for you.

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