Renovation 2007: Floor value

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I’m so easily influenced by other people….
My contractor couldn’t believe my assessment of the floors as being ‘okay’. I pointed out concerns I had with the floor such as the rough hewn boards that already snagged a sock. He told me that wears down after use and it shouldn’t be a problem, but if it continues to be a problem he’d address it.
I was over at my house, painting, as usual, and had some neighbors drop by while my contractor was popping in and out. They loved the floor. Now I don’t want to be one of those people who does things to impress the neighbors, but their opinion began to change my mind about the floor. Or maybe it was the contractor and the neighbors going on about the floor that did it.
Then a carpet salesman showed up to show samples. Maybe he was trying to get a feel for my price range or maybe it was his honest impression, but he said my floors cost a fortune. He basically repeated the same things my contractor had been saying… they don’t make these anymore… can’t get the character anywhere else, etc, etc.
Okay, I get it.
I got the rare thing early, which is why I horded some boards bound for the dump. I figured if something happened to one of the boards I’d have a replacement. I may have horded a few boards too many. Anyone else with a heart pine floor need a board or two?
Lastly, I think this is a point when having my contractor be the guy he is with what he knows being the biggest value. I wouldn’t have recognized these floors as something valuable to keep in their dirtied form. David (the contractor) has worked in a bunch of old houses in DC so he knows about the quirks and was able to recognize what kind of flooring I had.

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  1. Not to beat a dead horse, but the floors really do look great. Color me jealous.

    By the way, this is Robbie. I closed down my previous site and opened a new one where I would not be constrained by topic.

  2. Your floor boards which you have so generously offered, are they 1 by 4 inch heart pine? They are lovely and everyone will probably keep on telling you this… great work by David. I have been desperately seeking salvaged or reclaimed 1 by 3 heart pine floor boards…. in case anyone is reading this who has approx 96 square feet of such boards for sale/barter.

  3. One other question: are your floors stained or is that how they came out with 3 coats of poly? I love the tone.

  4. Bogfrog-
    email me at mari at inshaw period com about widths. I don’t think I have 96 square feet available. I got enough to spare for a patch job.
    As far as the staining, I don’t think there was staining. They were sanded (because the dust was all on my paint job), and given at least 2 coats of poly. Maybe 3.

  5. community forklift for more boards!! i did my floors out of community forklift heart pine you can see my flooring experience

    -2nd st

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