Semi-Lazy Sunday at the Big Bear

Big Bear CafeDisclaimer: I write this owing Stu $4 plus tax.
For a place that had a soft or quiet opening it was plenty busy when I walked in. Saturday I popped by and got an iced tea and ran into some folks I knew from the Alley Cat Allies adventures with feral kittens episode. I came again Sunday morning with a newspaper and a want for hot tea. Like the day before, I ran into three sets of people I knew from the area.
The space is lovely. Even better the little outside seating area where folks with dogs can enjoy their coffee beverage in the sun. Inside, you can sit at a stand alone comfy chair, small tables or the counter. I overhead that some of the art on the wall came by a local neighborhood artist who came by and asked if the Big Bear owners needed art. Maybe this may be the start of a wonderful public art space, who knows?
Now I am not a coffee drinker. I hate the taste of it. So, I cannot judge the coffee. All I know, looking at the boards, was there were several coffee choices. I had tea, there were two black tea choices. I dislike Earl Grey, so for me, one choice of tea. I had an iced tea on my first visit, that was good. Second visit, I had hot tea. My only complaint, was the tea was too hot when I got it. But a lot of restaurants serve tea that’s way too hot in my opinion. I had it with the prosciutto and gruyere croissant, and it was good. I’d have it again. Right now the menu is limited. Hopefully, that will expand.
The hours, if I remember them right, will be 6:30AM to 7:00PM. That may change depending on how things go. After 7, the Bear will be serving as a meeting space for at least one community group, and thus closed for business. The early morning hours will allow morning commuters and early birds to stop by and pick up a cup of joe for that walk to the metro. In the middle of the day at home parents, telecommuters, retirees and you odd people with the odd work hours can hang out there an make use of the wi-fi.
I am quite curious to see how the area develops around the coffee shop. Next Sunday, the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market will be right in front of the Bear from 10AM to 2PM, and I can see how the two can feed off each other. During the week, I wonder if lounging outdoor coffee drinkers will have any impact on the tiny triangular park between Florida and R in how residents and others use the space.

Big Bear Cafe– 1st and R St NW. Sat & Sun 7:30AM-evening, M-F 6:30AM-evening
Stu- I will repay you your money Monday after work.

3 thoughts on “Semi-Lazy Sunday at the Big Bear”

  1. We had our first Big Bear outing this weekend and thought it great. Even though we got stuck with the sunny table outside, there was enough shade for my old pooch under the table and we very much enjoyed watching people from the patio. The macchiato and lemon poppy seed muffin I had were tasty. According to the folks behind the counter they’re bringing in the baked goods from a bakery nearby in MD (maybe Silver Spring). The only thing I would add would be a water bowl for thirsty pups who are sure to be accompanying their owners to the patio this summer. Looking forward to our next trip there, and the farmers market there next week.

  2. Thanks, Mari.

    To ML: we plan on building a doggie trough, but in the mean time are going to put out a big bowl of water for the pups — we became a little busy on Saturday, and it just slipped out mind. 🙂

    The bakery is Hawthorne Fine Breakfast Pastries out of Severna Park, Md.

    And we plan on making sandwiches and salads with goods from the farmers’ market… in about 2 weeks.

    see you in!

  3. I went by for one for my “complicated” cappuccino orders (half-caf, extra foam) that Ella’s (remember her?) never was able to accomodate. Lana had it covered, no problem. I love them already. 😉


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