Bar hopping in Shaw

This week I and one of my hosts at the place where I’m staying, went to Vegetate’s upstair’s bar. After warming the seat for about an hour of noshing and sipping we headed out. I think that’s when I suggested we check out BeBar down the street.
I’d never been and wanted to check it out as a business. We got there when it wasn’t crowded. There were a bunch of people clustered up at the bar and just a few people seated on the opposite side of the room. From the bar you can watch videos. If the sound actually sync’d up with the mouths of the singers I could not really tell you. I’m getting old, it just sounded like noise to me. After a while the videos do suck you in. But my legs were getting tired and I chose to sit on the other side of the room. That’s when the fun started. From our seats we had a lovely view of the bar crowd. My host pointed out the sad appearance of the popped collar amongst several of the men. We made other fashion observations. People are so entertaining.
Then it got crowded and we walked back home. If we wanted to, and if it wasn’t a work night, we could have continued on to ODB. But then, I guess if you were starting a bar hop in Shaw, wouldn’t you start at ODB, at least to line your stomach with heavy food? Then hit BaBar and then 2nd floor of Vegetate. There is also the bar at Warehouse, if you just want to start with a beer. You also can get beer at the Mongolian Grill/ Tokyo Sushi.
The choices you have for a night out without having to risk a DWI or the newly increased cab fare have increased.

4 thoughts on “Bar hopping in Shaw”

  1. Oh my gosh–I love this post!

    I’ve actually never really bar hopped in Shaw; I’ve never really even thought about the possibility of it until reading this. We’re getting a nifty little scene on the lower 9th corridor, which is sure to get even better with Nima’s opening soon.

    Isn’t the lounge at Vegetate cool? What’d you have? I love their grapefruit mint martini.

  2. I had the thyme lemonade. I’d like to try to make it myself when I get my yard back. I’m picky about my lemonades, so that goes into my ‘eh review of that drink. But the grapefruit mint martini sounds lovely, I’ll have to try it when Truxton Circle goes there for the TC Happy Hour.

  3. I have been to BeBar, I wish they would change the canned “queer as folk” theme. They could really have something. Why not play some GOOD music and video instead of the cliche 90’s generic dance crap. Mix it up. Show some creativity. I am certainly not critiquing the GAYNESS of it but it’s the CLICHE gayness. I would love to walk in a see Midnight Cowboy, or Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the screen and hear Patti Labelle followed by Madonna followed by Pet Shop Boys etc on the turntable.

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