Old City

I am getting the feeling that few people have any idea of what the heck I’m talking about when I mention Old City. Much less Old City II. Some of you know it as the area mentioned on the real estate database with the tax office.
Because I don’t have a neat little book at my side saying so, nor am I sitting in the Washingtonia room at the MLK, please allow for some error. And if there is error, please correct and cite source.
I’m 89% sure the map shown in this post is of Old City. Basically, it is the L’Enfant drawn city, within the District of Columbia. So, there is Georgetown, which isn’t part of Old City, it is labeled #7 on the map. Then there is the Old City, which are Police and Fire Districts 1-6, and there is the rest of Washington, which isn’t shown anywhere on the map.
I don’t think of Old City as a neighborhood. It is a city, a very small city in the District of Columbia. Georgetown, a town, in the District of Columbia. Everything else, farmland. And like a lot of farmland in our nation’s history, got gobbled up by developers and turned into communities. Oh, sometime in the late 19th, early 20th century.
So are we clear?

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  1. You might like to read ‘Grand Avenues,’ a biography written by Scott W. Berg, about Pierre L’Enfant. He was quite the visionary, but also a bit megalomaniacal, who just kind of diappeared when his most famous project was completed. I’m actually struggling through the book, but can loan it to ya when I’m done.

  2. somewhere on the internet when i was trying to figure out wth happenned to 8th st nw i read that Pierre was a homosexual in addition to being a futurist and a student of the queen of sciences, mathematics.

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