I’m probably the last person you want around

…when there is a hit and run.
We JUST had a hit and run on the block. When relaying what kind of car it was the best I could say was dark blue (remember it is night) or black car, covered in salt. I couldn’t say what the tag number was because, according to one of the neighbors the bastard ripped off his temporary tags. A car, is a car, is a car to me. I can make out Volvos, beamers, Minis, Priuses and bugs. I guess since I don’t own a car, and haven’t for 10 years, most sedans look alike.
Here’s how it went down. I’m websurfing and then I hear a crash. I look out the window a dark colored sedan has plowed into a parked car. I run downstairs and call 911. I figure an ambulance is needed and I barely hear what the dispatcher is saying. I see the driver moving around and figure then maybe it isn’t that bad and maybe just the police. Then the car takes off and heads east.
Luckily I wasn’t the only witness. A car loving neighbor identified the type of car, make, and model(and year?) and also some other little details my car-hating self would have never noticed. There were several witnesses and at least three people who called the police. Another witness noticed that one of the passengers was a young woman with a head wound, who with a male passenger jumped out the car and headed north. Howard U Hospital? Another neighbor hopped in his vehicle and chased after the hit and run car and lost him when the driver got on NY Avenue. Yeah, we are a crazy bunch of mofos ’cause it ain’t the first time one of us has run after a suspect.

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