The best laid plans are probably in a pile somewhere

Today I mailed off a list of what I wanted done for the house and a rough drawing of the desired layout to Contractor #1. I was going to show the plans or the simple layout I had drawn up to IT and also drop off a copy at Contractor #2’s house. But dang it, can’t find them. I remember writing them up and photocopying them but I’m clueless as to their current location. I looked in the usual piles of paper, where graph paper and penciled writing lay, but not the final draft. Early drafts showing the house as it is laid out now, I can find copies of those. Drawings pondering slight adjustments, radical, kooky, and odd adjustments, yup I can find those too.
Worse comes to worse I’ll redraw them. Start with a rectangle-ish shape representing 14’x26’x15′ (house is widens). Throw in some stairs. A bathroom here, a half bath there, remove a wall and done.
I’ll probably have something for Contractor #2 in a few days and will call Contractor #3 tomorrow.

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