Busted pipes and busted glass

Argh! This weekend I had a mini flood in the basement. It started on Friday with the sump pump going off. I did bother to notice it really until the sump pump kept going off a lot. That is Sunday morning. Anyway long story short, the house next to mine has been unoccupied for weeks and their pipes broke, sending water into my basement. WASA was really great in all this. They came by in two trips. The first came to see if it was stinky water. Nope, clear non-stinky stuff. The second crew came, listened to me about how this happened last time with the house 3 doors down having busted pipes. So they checked my meter, the houses next door and 3 hours after I made my first call, the water for the vacant house was turned off. Yay, WASA!
Also I noticed on the street and on the listservs there was a slew of car break ins. I saw one gal chatting with the cops over her busted window. Then a SUV with a shiny pile of blue green glass near it, and a duct taped driver’s side. I don’t have a car but still, a little reminder, don’t leave crap in your car. Thieves will bust in if they “think” you have something. Besides the crap, stuff, you constantly drive around with and don’t use, unnecessarily uses up gas. Lighten your load and improve your gas mileage.