What I did for the love of compost: @ the office

I just asked my boss to throw her apple core in my little compost pail.
There are enough coffee drinkers in the office that justified bringing in my compost pail from home and just leaving it at work. I introduced the idea to my office mates who were fine with throwing the coffee grounds into the pail and not the trash. The problem was the cleaning staff. They kept throwing my collection in their trash until I got them to understand that I wanted the coffee grounds and the tea bags. What’s ‘compost’ in Spanish?
But now it is all good. Every other week I take my pail home, dump it in the compost bin. I’m happy. The worms are happy. It’s all good.

2 thoughts on “What I did for the love of compost: @ the office”

  1. A team of small minded folks in my office, maybe envious of a downtown residence with a big garden, nixed my coffee ground collection. No interest in treating the Creation with a little more thoughtfullness.

  2. What?
    That’s bad, you work in a law office? I’ve been able to get coffee grounds from almost all the places I’ve worked at since buying the house. Befriend the office caffine junkie, the facilities staff who change the fancy coffeemaking machines, the cafeteria staff who sell the swill that passes as coffee…. you get the idea. Worse comes to worse, you bug the Starbucks people who look at you like you’ve grown an extra head.

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