Can DC workers make a suggestion?

I regret that I’m going to have to be vague because I really don’t want to get this person in any more trouble than they already are, so bare with me. Say person X, let’s call ’em Bob, works for a DC agency. Bob is a trained professional, and I belive certified to do what he does. Over time Bob discovers fraud. Not on the part of the DC govt or any of its workers but on the side of the people that he serves. Because of some loop holes in the rules and guidelines, non-DC citizens are getting benifits that are supposed to go to DC citizens. The agency and thus the city is failing to confirm that the people are DC residents.
I don’t know if Bob suggested closing up the loophole to his superiors, which he should have done in the first place. What I do know is that Bob made mention of it in the Mayor’s suggestion box. Then the poop hit the fan.

One thought on “Can DC workers make a suggestion?”

  1. Good for them, bringing it up. I’m tired of people from Maryland and Virginia sucking up our public resources for free with an air of entitlement (umm, why are most of the license plates I see picking up kids at Peabody from outside the district?). Hopefully some changes are made due to the stink.

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