Friday Miscellany

Frozen Tropics and Rebuilding Space have created an information blog about the Capitol City Market. Part of the on going effort to save what makes the market good from the suburbasantanitizing forces.
How long has it been since I’ve been able to turn on my furnace? For a moment I thought it was fixed, but alas no. The family next door moving out was not helpful either. The thing about rowhouses is that the heat from the house next door helps heat your house, or a least keeps it from freezing. So I got heat on one side, and the other, no idea. Don’t worry because I invested in that wonderful warm fabric cashmere. 62F is tolerable in toasty warm socks, a wool skirt and several layers of tops. It also helped that the kitchen is on a different heating system and when worse gets to worse, I just go in there.