Go Gators!!!!!!!!!
If you have no idea of what I write of, the Gator Nation, that is the University of Florida, triumphed on the field of glory, and by grace defeated Ohio State 41 to 14.

Anyone go to the BACA meeting? I had a previous engagement (see below) and did not make it.

Mie N Yu is one of the participating restaurants in the winter Restaurant Week 2007. A few friends and I went, it was okay. The decor was A+. The wine wonderful, but expensive. Their cheapest by the glass wine was $9. The food. Not bad, but nothing to draw me back. My spinach or whatever green thing on my meat was gritty, like it wasn’t properly washed. That was the only outstanding negative. But as I said nothing that was draw me back. Cafe Atlantico’s guacamole and magic mojitos call my name. Zaytinya’s lamb kebob’s are a fav, as well as Thai X-ing’s Panaag Tofu. Maybe I’m just a Green line snob.

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  1. I have a similar reaction to Mie N Yu. Neat(ish) surroundings, but the food’s just ok. I like their lettuce wrap flavor; we’ve been known to stop in for a drink and the wraps while shopping in G’town.

    I’ve never been to Cafe Atlantico but want to try it.

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