Where did the parking go?

Things didn’t go as planned New Years Eve. We started off at Glen Echo and finished the night in College Park playing show tunes on the piano as the hired band packed up. Anyway it was late and rainy and the chauffeur didn’t think he could get to Springfield to drop off the rest of the party. So they decided to crash at my place.
I thought at one or two AM, there would be plenty of parking on my street. Nope. The chauffeur had to park in an empty church owned lot or either the parking lot of G&G’s. This is one of the annoyances of neighborhood progress, lack of parking. Normally, parking, not much of an issue for me since I don’t own a car. But I do become more aware of it when I have to host car-people. Particularly, suburban car people for whom parallel parking is no easy task.
I understand as the neighborhood fills up, parking becomes dear. Also it may have been a fluke of a midnight church service running long, because as I look out my window, there is now parking. Yay.