SUV demolishes LeDroit house

Before heading to bed I was just about to turn off the TV when I saw the news report (WUSA 9)that just a few blocks from my house a SUV (kinda looks like a Jeepy thing) with windows blown out collapsed part of a building at FL and 6th. Good lord, people lived in that house! If it is the house I’m thinking about. I hope I am wrong. But the house across the street is unmistakable, the purple one with the porthole windows.
Maybe there might be more news when I wake up tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “SUV demolishes LeDroit house”

  1. OMG, who got killed? They hauled the driver in for drunk driving. What happened to the people who live there? Imagine if it was a wood framed house.

  2. Well according to CFO’s tax office it is a “brick veneer”. That does not sound good.
    Sadly “life” in the city is proving that these buildings are not as solid as they are hyped up to be. They are a heck of a lot more solid than your average wood framed house. You’s think SUV vs 100 yr old brick house the brick house would win. Neither won.
    The Post says a Mt. Ranier, MD man was killed. A drunk guy in the SUV killed him and the house.

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