Scene this morning at 6th and Florida

When I went to bed last night WUSA 9 was reporting that one person had died and another one was in critical condition. This morning, there was a backhoe tractor demolishing the house where a SUV crashed into the basement of the house on Florida Ave (LeDroit Park side). Police have blocked off Florida from 7th to 5th Street and the 90 buses are going on S Street.

Update: WUSA 9 has something as does the Washington Post, and I have two slightly related pix here and here.

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  1. A friend of mine is a DC EMT and he responded to this call. He told me that the SUV went up and over the Civic, then plowed into the rowhouse and caught on fire. One of the Civic’s passengers was DOA, another critical, and a third non-critical but pretty hurt. The ultimate irony – the (drunk) driver of the SUV walked away with a bruised lip and some broken teeth. Unbelieveable.

  2. Oh that reminds me, check out more pictures from that night at DCFire and scroll down (I wish they had bookmarks) till you hit the story (it’s under the Toys for Tots and other business).

  3. I just heard from my mailman that the “critical” patient died this afternoon. S/he was in the Civic as well.

    Nobody in the house was hurt, though. I heard on the radio that a Howard student rents the basement and was inside at the time. He told the reporter that he could see the front half of the car hanging through his ceiling. Yikes.

  4. Amazing, just amazing. How fast was this guy going. I looked at the pics from the fire department and the green Civic was completely destroyed. I can’t believe that anyone survived that.

    I watched it on the local news and it was just sad. Because some idiot wanted to go out get hammered and drive home, two people are dead, one is very injured and other people don’t have somewhere to live.

    Viceroy of Lost Umbrellas

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